Friday, 11 February 2011

Petrol Roller Mower Advice and Essential Information

Petrol Rear Roller Lawn MowerAlthough 4 wheel mowers give an excellent finish on all types of lawn you may be the owner of a fine lawn and want those classic stripes.  If so you’ll need a mower with a rear roller mower.

The chassis, or cutter deck, may be made from steel with a powder coated paint finish or aluminium chassis. The chassis houses the cutter blade and determines the working width of the mower.  Genrally rear roller models with working widths up to 53cm.

The full width rear rollers not only leave those fabulous stripes they provide you with additional control when you’re working around beds, paths or up to edges.

Modern petrol engines are easy to start.  Set the throttle control to the choke position, hold the operator presence control lever against the handlebar to release the engine brake and pull the starter cord.  Releasing Lawn Mower Key Startthe operator presence control lever engages the brake stopping the engine in seconds.  An engine with electric key start makes life even easier; simply turn a key to start the engine.

Some models have to be pushed to make them move forward, these are known as hand propelled or push mowers; the engine is only used to drive the cutter blade.  On power driven models the engine also drives a transmission; just engage the drive lever and the mower will move forward.  Some models have a four speed transmission so you can select an ideal forward speed from a stroll to a brisker pace depending on your conditions.  Once you’ve tried power drive you’ll wonder how you managed without it – especially if you have inclines or a large garden.

Grass Collector  Self Propelled Lawn Mower   Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Fabric grass collectors don’t impede the flow of air generated by the cutter blade ensuring clippings are collected cleanly and efficiently.  All roller mowers have large capacity grass collectors to reduce the time and effort expended disposing of your clippings.

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