Thursday, 9 June 2011

Mountfield Mascot

Petrol Lawnmower
Mascot Type 85017
Serial Number 85017 002019
Motor 2900

Hi, I just wanted to give some positive feedback on my lawnmower which I think has probably been the best value purchase that I have ever made !

I bought my mower through a catalogue in 1993 and from memory it should have been £180, although getting 25% off my first catalogue order it ended up costing me £120.

I have just used it today and again it has done the job it was designed to do after 18 years.

It has travelled with me to the three homes I have lived in during this time and has been used throughout each summer on the lawns at each house. It has always started each time and after the winter in particular, even after a good few years just being kept in e damp shed !

I know that I should have changed the oil each year - I think I did this once during the first 5 years of ownership and maybe one more time about another 5 years later.  In other words I have not treated it that well !

Over the 18 years I have had it bits have gradually broken off it (but nothing to make it terminal !!):

-The throttle lever on the cable broke off after about 7 years.
-The cable itself (attached to the throttle) came off altogether a couple of years later (I now operate it on the engine with my boot).
-The exhaust cover fell off a few years after this.
-The pull rope wore out and broke after about 14 years (I just tied it back together and carried on using it)
-I have to tip the mower in a circle (to presumably remove air bubbles) when I first start it now, but again it always starts.
-The under side of the fuel cap broke off (which somehow allowed air in to replace fuel used), and I just drilled a small hole in the top of the cap to resolve this.

I am sure it is coming to the end of its useful life, but thought I would share the feedback with you.

A good advert for one of your mowers !

Obviously I think this has been a great purchase and would recommend Mountfield to anyone


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  4. Do you fill the oil level to the top on a 25 year old 38cm mascot ,if not how much from empty?