Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Maintaining a Wild Flower Garden

Maintenance is an essential ingredient in the creation of successful wildflower planting.
Weed Control: A monthly program of weed control is essential to ensure a satisfactory display of wildflowers year after year. Weeds should be eliminated as soon as they can be recognized, either by pulling or spot-spraying with a general herbicide..
Fertilization: Fertilizers are usually not necessary for wildflower plantings. However, if soil fertility is very low, a low nitrogen fertilizer can be used, or add organic matter such as compost.
Autumn Mowing and Cleanup: If a neat appearance is desired after the wildflowers have gone to seed, mow them to a height of four to six inches. The Mountfield SP535HW  lawnmower is the perfect mower for this job, due to the oversized rear wheels which extend their cutting height range.

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