Friday, 11 February 2011

Electric Mower Advice and Essential Information

Electric Rotary LawnmowerMains electric mowers are quiet, lightweight and easy to use.  They are ideal for smaller gardens with a power supply located near the lawn.  We recommend using a Residual Current Device that will disconnect the power if the cable is cut accidentally.

Unlike hover mowers, electric mowers collect the grass clippings and leave a clean, neat finish to the lawn.

Four wheel mowers are very easy to manoeuvre but if you want a stripped finish on your lawn you’ll need a machine with a rear roller.  The roller flattens the grass as you mow; this is what creates the stripes.  A roller also helps balance the mower when you are cutting close to paths or borders.

Electric lawnmowers have simple controls which feature a safety cut out switch.  When you let go of the control lever the motor cuts out in seconds.

Lawn Mower Height AdjustOn some models cutting height is adjusted by changing the wheel position.  Simply unscrew each wheel and move it to the desired setting.  More commonly, the cutting height is adjusted using a control lever.

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